Cymap Software

Cymap is the leading edge software design tool for  Electrical, Mechanical, and Building Services Engineers in both New Zealand and Australia.



Cadline is the parent company that produce Cymap and is one of the UK’s largest Autodesk distributors.

Cymap is fully localised to AS/NZS standards, and has been in use in New Zealand and Australia since 1999.



Single Line Diagram/Cable Sizing, Lighting/Emergency Lighting, CAD Electrical Layouts/MCCs/PV Systems/LV & HV Co-ordination/Short Circuit & Earth Fault analysis etc.



AS/NZS 3000 Cable Sizing software/ AS NZS 3008 Cable data localised to Australian/NZ Circuit Protection databases.

Cymap Electrical – Cymap’s comprehensive suite of HV/LV electrical software allows engineers to produce designs quickly and easily.

The Wiring suite offers engineers the full range of calculations associated with high and low voltage design.

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Product Details

Mechanical :

Building Model (can be imported from gbXML), Heat Loss/Gain, Pipework, Ductwork, Global Weather data, Export to CAD. Integrates fully with TAS (Thermal Dynamic Simulation)

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Watch the workflow with TAS

CYlink is the 3D Revit Add-on CyLink that can import design data for Mechanical and Electrical services, and show this in a co-ordinated 3D View in Revit MEP

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